Transmissions: A Serial Sci-Fi Journey



Narratives don’t always have a beginning and end. Sometimes they are loops–events affected by events affected by events in the odd way that happens when we are not paying attention to time in a linear sense. Other times, they are blips, bytes, or bits of ephemera and only the observer can detect narrative patterns or threads.

Transmissions is a project where narrative is not a matter of beginning, middle and end. Each week I will add a new installment of this serialized, nontraditional story centering around the crew of the deep-space exploration vessel Omid and worlds and moments they may or may not have encountered. To experience the narrative, simply visit the Tumblr page where it lives and if you care to follow entries in the order they were posted, click on on the archive link, and move from bottom to top. Each entry is also tagged with a number, so you can search the blog for a particular number if you wish.

I hope you enjoy this project and journey–thank you as ever for stopping by and for reading.