thinky thoughts

Happy Fall, Ya’ll!


Happy Equinox! Equinox…that whole business with the sun crossing the celestial equator, making it so that all over the planet there is roughly the same amount of day and night. Here in my hemisphere it’s the autumn equinox, Mabon, in the wheel of the year–a time of balance, a time of change. I always try to pause at some point during the equinox time to think about areas where my life needs more balance–more equanimity applied to all proceedings. Not much wouldn’t benefit from a balanced way of thinking, if I’m being honest, and making the time to remind myself of this can be refreshing as  well as helpful. When the seasons themselves are telling me a thing, maybe that thing has some merit beyond metaphor? As I move into the waning months, I’ll be looking for ways to keep light in my life and my world, to stay positive and retain warmth of heart no matter what is happening around me. This equinox, what in your life could use more balance? Wishing all well on this day of celestial interest–thank you as ever for reading! <3


New Year’s Intention

I have never liked the term “New Year’s Resolutions.” I think it’s because “resolution” is too close to “resignation” for my liking. Recently, a friend was talking about setting New Year’s Intentions. Intend–it sounds more proactive to me. More like a thing that is in my power, as opposed to approaching goals resolutely, with trudging, druding resignation. This year, I noticed a tendency in my daily life that bothered me. I stay too long in negative states of mind. Even as recently this week, I deleted two tweets–the first time I’ve actively nixed something because I felt like it was too negative. The tweets were just little notes of frustration about a project I’m working on, but those pings affected me through The Force. I stayed frustrated far longer than I needed to. I was wasting time that I could have been problem solving, or just resting and refilling my well.  When I typed these things I was doubly reinforcing the negativity I was experiencing at the time instead of just letting it roll over me like storm clouds over the plains. It’s okay to be angry. To be frustrated. But I don’t want to live there. I want, instead of programming my subconscious to look for sources of negativity and frustration, to intend positivity and the best possible outcome. I see my husband or some of the sunnier people in my life doing this and it’s incredibly inspiring. The worst that can come of it? I am hoping for the best outcome in anything I do. The best that can come of it? Well, the best! So I’m setting an intention this new year to let the sun shine in. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth the work–and my life will be better for it.


The One

Life can be so full.

Full of both beauty and awfulness in the world at large, full of minutia in our work-a-day routines, full of the emotions and road-bumps and triumphs that comprise any human life. This fullness affects us. How can it not? I’ve been struggling with time-management lately–prioritizing the Day Job, the Emergent Writing Career, my important relationships, my interactions with a difficult world, and my attempts to make things better.

One lesson emerges over and over again, smacking me upside the noggin with its simple obviousness: One thing at a time. The masses of work, of problems to be solved, even of facets of life to be loved are overwhelming so I have to remember to step back and break things into smaller, more manageable Heres and Nows. I can’t do it all. I can’t know where any one step will take me in the future. Instead, I am in this moment, doing this one thing. And then the next one thing, and the next.

So, lovely readers–how do you deal with the stresses of everyday life, of balancing careers and hobbies and volunteering and all the other millions of things that you do?