I’m so excited to note that my poem Sidereal is live in the ever-wonderful Apex Magazine…WOO!

I loved writing this piece even more than most. I’d been playing a lot of Mass Effect, reading sci-fi and space opera, watching Star Trek: Voyager, and dreaming about a quietly empty, regenerating, far-ish but not too far-future earth when most humans have gone elsewhere…the constellations the same as ever, the earth fallow, waiting to thrive again with water reclamation plants and careful tending. And in the muted night, an Operator and a Specialist tending the machines that coax the world back to health–a soldier and an engineer in a quiet and generative love.

I remember once hearing someone going on about how romance has no place in science fiction and fantasy writing. That got a legit lol from me–as long as I’m writing about humanity, I’ll do my damnedest to create well-rounded and believable human characters. We (humans) love fervently and dangerously and quietly and unwisely and well; we form attachments, friendships, rivalries, and ultimately rely upon one another when things get dangerous or weird. If anything, these relationships and attachments in fiction make for life-rich characters with hella motivation to do what they do in moving a narrative forward. Now, I don’t expect alien species, every artificial intelligence, or other life-forms in speculative fiction and poetry to behave the way humans do–not unless it’s part of how the writer has imagined the species and world. But my favorite science fiction, space opera, fantasy, anything-I’m-reading humanoid characters often act from places of emotion, making decisions because of their human attachments. And yes, sometimes they fall in love. Exploration of this humanness is why Sidereal was such a joy for me to write–I reveled in exploring how two people in this future full of extensive tech and galactic conquest could grow close in the framework of lonely, dangerous, and sometimes painfully exacting work.

So, readers…any sci-fi romances out there that make you swoon and rock your galaxy? I’d love to hear about them!


Arty Post PSA: Julie Dillon


I love you, Intarwebz. You bring me beautiful things. Like this…I found the most remarkable, most wondermous, most talented artist this past month and I have to share. Maybe this is old news to others but for all of you speculative fiction and poetry writers out there, her work is sure to be a source of inspiration–I promise.

Julie Dillon, whose work can be found on DeviantArt and featured many other places, is simply amazing. She creates stunning and diverse characters and settings. I cannot help but most of all love her women. They seem so real to me. Beautiful in myriad ways, young and old and daring and just fantastic and believable.

Can you tell I’m fangirling?

One of my favorite pieces to date is Launch Point:
Launch Point by juliedillon on DeviantArt

I highly suggest checking out her work. It’s well worth the time–I am so glad I discovered her art!