happy new year

New Year, Same Me

Happy 2018, everybody!

I was thinking, as people often do, about what a new year means. Resolutions, goals, arbitrary distinctions and constructs we call time…these are all important and warrant introspection. What I came away with, though, was one phrase–new year, same me.

Not new me.


I don’t know who these toons belong to, but grats (and for the Horde).

While it’s true that my sense of self adapts and changes as I journey through life, I am still me. I get hit with setbacks, I achieve goals, I fail and succeed and recalibrate when I do either since huge lessons exist in both of these states. I gain experience. The more I live, the more XP I gain. And through it all, I am always and forever me. I may respec or decide to follow a different skill tree (gaming metaphor mode intensifies) or even relearn my skills altogether (applies vanishing powder to unwanted glyphs) but I am constantly leveling up. And every time I advance, I’m still me–a stronger me, yes, but me all the same. With every DING! (insert glowy effects, triumphant music, ), I am Amanda but with more HP/MP and better, well, everything. At least in the places that matter to me–the mind, the soul, and understanding of my place in the world.

I hope 2018 sees you leveling up to be a more powerful, more awesome you than you’d ever dreamed. Happy New Year! <3


Happy 2017, ya’ll!


2016 has slogged itself off into oblivion and now 2017-yet another construct to help us wrap our minds around the strangeness of our existence-is the new kid in town. I cannot say that I am not relieved, though I do not like to rush away my life, or to wish for time to be so quickly behind me.

The allure of the new, though, is strong as ever. Shiny, chrome, sparkling. A blank page, an open road stretching ahead into something unknown…it’s exciting. I cannot help but hope for good things, and I aspire to make the most of the time I’ve been given.

I actually made some specific resolutions this year but in a quiet, note-to-self kind of way. They are more about quality of life than anything. Gestalt wellness gained through itty-bitty small steps of everyday self-care is the biggest of my goals. Writing, well…that one’s a given. And most of all, I want to cultivate gratitude in the midst of maelstrom and fair skies alike.

I know I can do this.

I will have so much good news to share in regards to my writing. Big projects are in the works for this year and hopefully the next, and I am working hard at coaxing some new worlds and their myriad characters into existence. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the gentle quiet of winter weather and am finding ways to incorporate creativity into a busy schedule. I hope that 2017 brings unexpected goodness into the world, and is a time of healing and peace. For anyone reading this, Happy New Year–may joy and light be yours, and may your new year be so amazing. <3

New Year’s Intention

I have never liked the term “New Year’s Resolutions.” I think it’s because “resolution” is too close to “resignation” for my liking. Recently, a friend was talking about setting New Year’s Intentions. Intend–it sounds more proactive to me. More like a thing that is in my power, as opposed to approaching goals resolutely, with trudging, druding resignation. This year, I noticed a tendency in my daily life that bothered me. I stay too long in negative states of mind. Even as recently this week, I deleted two tweets–the first time I’ve actively nixed something because I felt like it was too negative. The tweets were just little notes of frustration about a project I’m working on, but those pings affected me through The Force. I stayed frustrated far longer than I needed to. I was wasting time that I could have been problem solving, or just resting and refilling my well.  When I typed these things I was doubly reinforcing the negativity I was experiencing at the time instead of just letting it roll over me like storm clouds over the plains. It’s okay to be angry. To be frustrated. But I don’t want to live there. I want, instead of programming my subconscious to look for sources of negativity and frustration, to intend positivity and the best possible outcome. I see my husband or some of the sunnier people in my life doing this and it’s incredibly inspiring. The worst that can come of it? I am hoping for the best outcome in anything I do. The best that can come of it? Well, the best! So I’m setting an intention this new year to let the sun shine in. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth the work–and my life will be better for it.


Happy New Year To You All

2015 was an amazing, luminous year for me and I am thankful for all the exciting things that have happened! Now, moving on, I have many more deliciously enticing projects in the works that I can’t wait to share with you. So I’m going to hang on tight, put on my best smile and greet 2016 with a grateful heart and a will to work even harder than ever. Happy New Year, and may 2016 be a year of light and joy in the world.