Happy Fall, Ya’ll!


Happy Equinox! Equinox…that whole business with the sun crossing the celestial equator, making it so that all over the planet there is roughly the same amount of day and night. Here in my hemisphere it’s the autumn equinox, Mabon, in the wheel of the year–a time of balance, a time of change. I always try to pause at some point during the equinox time to think about areas where my life needs more balance–more equanimity applied to all proceedings. Not much wouldn’t benefit from a balanced way of thinking, if I’m being honest, and making the time to remind myself of this can be refreshing as  well as helpful. When the seasons themselves are telling me a thing, maybe that thing has some merit beyond metaphor? As I move into the waning months, I’ll be looking for ways to keep light in my life and my world, to stay positive and retain warmth of heart no matter what is happening around me. This equinox, what in your life could use more balance? Wishing all well on this day of celestial interest–thank you as ever for reading! <3


Autumn Interlude

This is not a post of great heft and gravitas.

It’s more about the way the light is slanting differently these last mornings. The color of early and late sunlight as September yearns towards fall…more burnished gold. More deep rose and vermilion. The way a chill creeps in and shadows lengthen, and sometimes wood-smoke drifts into the later morning scents.

The leaves haven’t fallen. The equinox is still days away. But like every year since I was five years old, standing in the fenced-in back yard wearing my little green nylon jacket and sniffing the air, I feel the latening of the year. All my senses let me know to prepare for shorter days, colder nights, and the silence only winter can bring.

I love it.

I’m a summer girl, born to my poor, exhausted mother in the South Carolina high-August heat. The sun is life. The heat is quickening. But I love autumn in a way that is hard to describe. Mono no aware, maybe? It is so very ephemeral–the leaves shimmering in late sun as they fall to the cooling earth, the world folding into itself…there is a sweetly melancholy edge to everything.

I’m okay with that.

The longer nights are kinder in some ways. Rest, they tell me. Slow down. Let yourself breathe. 

Let yourself be silent.

shadow selfie, an autumn tradition

In a world where the chatter never stops, where life hurtles by at desperate speeds, I welcome the gentler pace and softer hours. The waning of the days is sobering but I have other sources of light. The love of the people around me, the radiance of my own mind and soul. The knowledge that the world sleeps to wake again, and the cycles continue and it is right and good.

So…happy not-quite-autumn. Happy reveries, happy harvesting, happy seeing the lights around you that you might not have realized were there when the sun was stronger. <3

Side note: Amethystium’s Aphelion is one of my go-to fallish albums. You should check it out–lovely, sublime, and beautifully chill, all of their music is made of win!