Hello all, and happy Tuesday! I hope the world is treating you kindly so far this week. ^_^

downloadIn the course of my Intarwebs Adventures, I have encountered this lil’ #GoodNewsTues hashtag again and again (and yes, usually on Tuesday :P). I have to say, it makes me happy when I see it…and not in a Professor Farnsworth, “Good news everyone!” sort of way. I can always use some good news but yeah, now more than ever, seeing that wonderful things are still happening in people’s worlds is not just helpful, it’s necessary for cultivating a hope and faith.

It made me think…in my authorly endeavors, I will have soooooooo much good news coming down the road. And soon, too…soon enough that I’ve hit the stratosphere in my rocketing squee levels, about to break into space! Maybe it’s cheating to make a #GoodNewsTues post with no concrete details but I can wiggle around that technicality by saying that me having impending good news is…you guessed it…good news! The writing and publishing processes (trust me, they are two different beasties) are often slow, ponderous things until suddenly they go FTL and I’m so excited to note that I’m approaching the latter. Please do stay tuned, and in the next couple of weeks check back for some exciting announcements in my writing journey.

In the meantime, I hope you can find some not just good, but awesome news in your own lives, and that the rest of your Good News Tuesday is just the best. <3




April Is The Busiest Month

Sorry, T.S. Eliot, for intentionally misquoting you. #sorrynotsorry

April has been crazy-busy for me. Travel, work, unexpected projects, unexpected stuff and things…simply madness. Such deadlines. Many industry. Wow.

The good thing about being busy? Well, I have some awesome news that I can share and we all know, sharing is caring. ;)

First up, my upcoming Freebie Friday. My poetry e-chapbook East of the Sun, West of the Moon will be available for free this Friday and Saturday, April 29-30. Since National Poetry Month is drawing to a close, I might as well end it in celebration! Stop by, nab a copy, and read a fairytale reinvented in epic verse because that’s what all the cool kids do.

Next, SEKRIT WRITINGS are still go, go, going. I’m making ever more progress on a Super Secret Project of Awesome that I hope to be able to announce this summer. Huzzah for mysterious enterprises!

So, world, what are you up to? Here’s wishing you happy reading, happy living, and all the best in the coming days, in the coming moments, in all that you do!

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Spring Cleaning, Poetry, & Something New

Salut, all! Happy Spring! It’s that’s time of year, at least here in the Northern Hemisphere–spring has sprung. Every year around this time I perform my bi-annual Switching Of Clothing ritual. And yes, it is very like a ritual in how timely I am in performing it. I move the heavy, thick winter clothes to the back of my closet or to storage boxes and bring out my lighter spring and summer things. Much laundry occurs, lots of dusting and purging of personal workspaces, storage, and living areas because to me, switching my wardrobe means doing spring cleaning. I’m of the humble opinion that cleaning is important to a healthy everyday life. There, I said it. My mother always told me that cleaning shows how grateful we are for what we have–grateful enough to work taking care of it. She was right. Organizing, keeping what one needs and donating what is not needed to charity, and maintaining home and possessions with a reverent care shows myself how blessed I am, is a ritual of joyful thanks for all that I have, and is a promise to be a good steward of these blessings. So, do you do any seasonal cleaning or have any new-season personal rituals?

east1In other news, April is National Poetry Month. I’m happy to share with the world a new collection of verse–East of the Sun, West of the Moon. It’s my first self-published title and is a poetic retelling and twisting of a fairytale by the same name. It’s available through Amazon, and free to read with Kindle Unlimited. I’ll announce Giveaway Days as they occur, and talk more about poetry in general through the month. And speaking of new projects, I’ll be rolling out a big announcement in the next couple of weeks about a project I’ve been cooking up for a while now…I’ll say here that it’s fiction, it’s super fun and I cannot WAIT to tell you more. In the meantime, enjoy these lovely April days, take time to reclaim your space through cleaning, organizing, or just opening the blinds to let some of that gorgeous sunlight into your life, and as always, wishing you all the best! <3


The Book Smugglers, First Contact Anthology Announcement

Forgive me, but I must squee. And run around in circles, and drop-kick Care Bears to the moon and ride off on my robo-pegacorn into a forever made of rainbows…


The Book Smugglers have announced their upcoming First Contact Anthology and I’m honored to be among the authors included in the lineup. You can find the official announcement here (link will open in new window). If you’ve not read their other anthology, Retold: Six Fairytales Reimagined, I recommend nabbing a copy (and it’s on sale right now, woo!). Each offering is imaginatively and beautifully-crafted. And oh my goodness, the cover art! O.O

The First Contact series kicks off in May, and continues with new releases throughout the summer and ya’ll, you should read them all. My story, Luminous, will be available 7/21/2015. I’ll be sure to bug you with millions of excited tweets and posts and so much squee everywhere keep you posted!

Thanks for tuning in…I’ll be over here doing my most awkward, elbow-flailing happy-dance EVAR.