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Temporary Duty Assignment,  from The Book Smugglers, currently out of print.

From the author of Luminous comes a high stakes sci-fi romance.
Samantha Gao is an elite Metro soldier, dedicated to the job and to her team. But following a devastating mission, Sam is handed a new temporary duty assignment. On paper, she’s supposed to babysit a Metro tech-inspector during a routine evaluation of Greenerhouse seed colony’s corporate sponsor. Sam expects to be on duty at all times, ready for whatever comes. But what she didn’t expect was to see him—Caleb—again.

Caleb Estes is an engineer at Greenerhouse and cannot believe his luck when his first love, Samantha Gao, walks into his lab—and back into his life. It’s enough to make him believe in second chances after all.

But Sam and Caleb’s reconciliation will have to wait when the routine bodyguard job goes sideways, and the future of the seed colony itself is at stake…



The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle featured in Palookaville from Pine Float Press. Palookaville is a blue-collar supervillain antholology set in the shadows of the superheroic world. Second-string criminals, masked mooks and clued-in henchmen leave the stresses of the criminal world behind and live “normal lives” in the sleepy bedroom town of Powell Heights until the outside world muscles its way in. Fortunately, the citizens of Palookaville know all about muscle work. Featuring original stories by A.E. Ash, J.R. Boles, Scott Claringbold, Sean Demory, Matthew Hockey, K.D. McIntyre and Melody Wolfe “PALOOKAVILLE is a wonderfully weird, occasionally violent, often funny, deeply twisted revisionist look at the super hero genre.” –Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Punisher: Naked Kills and Black Panther: Power.


Nice, a short story from on The Book Smugglers’ website, which introduces the setting of my novella Temporary Duty Assignment.

August Recommended Reads

Luminous, my quiet little space and stars love story from The Book Smugglers, is out there in the world for the taking. You can read just the story for free at the Book Smugglers siteKaetrin from Dear Author  included Luminous on her 2015 top picks list. I’m honored! You can read her full review here. I’ve also had other wonderful reviews from Smexy Books and Bookpushers, among others. Again, thank you! If you have not read Luminous, I hope you’ll pick up a copy and I hope even more that you’ll enjoy it if you do. <3

slow boat cover 3

War Paint, featured in Pine Float Press’s anthology Slow Boat to Fast City. It’s 1958 and the night sky of Mars sings to a hot-jazz tune played by a quartet of slot machine, rocket engine, laser fire and broken bone. The Outfit and the corporations run Mars, keeping the mines running and the Strip humming. Deputy Marshals ride between the waystations and the city, bringing rough justice to the roughest beat in the solar system. Barsoomist rebels fight a hit-and-run war, staying one step ahead of the law and the Mob, knowing they’ve got miles to go before they sleep and deals to honor before they’re free of the yoke of Terra and their own all-too-human biology. An army of chancers, either too clever or too foolhardy, make their way through occupied space in search of a bit of green. And in hidden valleys and lost caverns, the old masters of Mars awaken, peer out with tar-black eyes and prepare to up the ante.

Buy it here on Amazon, or grab my story individually here: Individual Story EpubIndividual Story Chapbook.


Daughter of the Sun and Primitive Tools. You can read two of my spec-fic short stories on Luna Station Quarterly’s website, Daughter of the Sun and Primitive Tools. Space disaster or post-apocalypse, choose your poison!



Almost Night, poetry collection from Pine Float Press. “Acclaimed poet and author A.E. Ash’s first collection with Pine Float Press, “Almost Night” floats through a world of skewed melancholy, where the familiar landscape of the everyday is made strange. “Almost Night” is a singular work, an uneasy meditation on the language of our past and an incantation that leaves the reader transformed.”


East of the Sun, West of the Moon, available through Amazon. A lyrical, emotionally-charged and ulitmately empowered retelling of an old fairytale. In this version, the princess wins the day.


Among The Ruins from Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine

Litany; Dust, Liminality

Sidereal, Apex Magazine

Letters to S. From Poet-Build Beta-3; Strange Horizons

FIVE Magazine, vol. 1 no. 12

Stay posted for new and exciting announcements as they land, and thank you so much for reading!

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