About Me, About Edits

November.jpgI’m a human citizen of the third planet from Sol, known in this incarnation as Amanda and I am a writer. See also: mooncalf, battlemage, cat wrangler, chaotic neutral, mech-pilot (like a cool lion-dragon-winged mech) but not a baker or candlestick maker. And I said nothing…NOTHING…about butcher. My lair is allegedly located in the United States midwest where I live with my superhero husband and our felines who do nothing at all to help us achieve world domination.

20150703_194152 (1)

Saying hi to a pond-dragon. . .

If you wish to find me elsewhere online, I’m on Twitter as @AEAshWrites, on InstagramPinterest, and Tumblr and I can be emailed at dogmycatzindeed at g mail DOT com. While I cannot offer manuscript critiques or answers to those pesky questions about the meaning of life, I can counsel you on how to make really yummy if dodgy-looking casseroles and I’m happy to hear from readers and superheroes and people who, like me, were profoundly disappointed to realize they would never have made it at Space Camp thanks to an ability to get motion sick just by existing. Thanks for visiting–you really are the bestest for doing that, you know.

For freelance editing inquiries, please contact me at the email address noted above for services, pricing, and schedule. I have only a limited amount of slots available, and will address inquiries on a first-come, first-served basis.


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