New Year, Same Me

Happy 2018, everybody!

I was thinking, as people often do, about what a new year means. Resolutions, goals, arbitrary distinctions and constructs we call time…these are all important and warrant introspection. What I came away with, though, was one phrase–new year, same me.

Not new me.


I don’t know who these toons belong to, but grats (and for the Horde).

While it’s true that my sense of self adapts and changes as I journey through life, I am still me. I get hit with setbacks, I achieve goals, I fail and succeed and recalibrate when I do either since huge lessons exist in both of these states. I gain experience. The more I live, the more XP I gain. And through it all, I am always and forever me. I may respec or decide to follow a different skill tree (gaming metaphor mode intensifies) or even relearn my skills altogether (applies vanishing powder to unwanted glyphs) but I am constantly leveling up. And every time I advance, I’m still me–a stronger me, yes, but me all the same. With every DING! (insert glowy effects, triumphant music, ), I am Amanda but with more HP/MP and better, well, everything. At least in the places that matter to me–the mind, the soul, and understanding of my place in the world.

I hope 2018 sees you leveling up to be a more powerful, more awesome you than you’d ever dreamed. Happy New Year! <3



  1. Even when highly visible major life changes occur (like me taking a job in a new continent despite never having been out of the U.S. before), I find that there is usually a lot of hidden inner continuity. Prior to the outward change, there has likely already been a healthy dose of inner change, and the outward shift is merely a reaction to an ever evolving inner identity.

    I bet there are even games that implement respec-ing in this way, where you generally cannot respec until you have gradually accrued enough of some kind of relevant experience to justify it. Too bad I don’t play enough RPGs to know any or precisely how they work. :-)

    But yeah, all that to magical say that it is usually a mistake to think that a large and relatively quick outward change may be the result of a similarly large and quick change in identity. Our sense of self tends to be like glaciers in the mountains.

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    1. I love this comment–thank you for taking the time to share your observations and thoughts. ^_^

      I was thinking specifically about how even though in MMO’s my crafting/gathering skills can be changeable (for a price) or how a primary spec within a particular class can be often switched, the base class remains the same. In WoW (when I played and mostly as PVE, solo), my main toon is a hunter, but whether I’m melee-capable or purely ranged DPS is something I can choose based on my play style, my gear, and other factors. The bottom line is that the class remains the same, even if the mechanics do not always stay constant.

      That whole thing you mention about inner changes and outward shifts is something I believe very strongly–we are constantly evolving and adapting while the core of selfhood is, yes, slow and glacial in how it changes, hehe. I hope things are going well for you with the move…how exciting. :)

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