I’m baaaaaaack, and introducing Creative KC!


Hello, all! So, it’s been a weighty, odd sort of summer and I’ve been away from blogging and normalcy in general—nothing like illness and life wackiness and hijinks and transitions and so many stuffs and things to throw a stick in the spoke of one’s routine. That said, I am so thankful to be healing and finding my way back to a new and blessed sort of normal. Since I have a bit more time and energy, and a stockpile of gratitude for all the rad people in my world, I have decided make some of my upcoming posts into something shiny, new and awesome so next week I’ll be beginning (*drum roll please*) a new periodic segment of my blog entitled Creative KC.

Kansas City is known for a lot of things—like meat, for instance. The BBQ here is no joke, people. I’ve traveled all over the ol’ US of A and I’ll be honest, the barbecue in Kansas City and its environs warrants the reputation it holds and is my favorite thus far. The Kansas City greater metro is also in the media more and more as ‘up and coming,’ ‘thriving,’ and a lot of other buzzwords that from what I have seen in my time living here are actually true. The Kansas City metro is a hub of diverse creativity and a thriving center for the arts, and I’m lucky to interact on a regular basis with so many uniquely creative individuals. That said, I will be periodically posting interviews with local writers, artists, jewelry makers, musicians, programmers and makers of so many kinds and highlighting just what an awesome place KC can be.

In personal writing news, I’m ramping back up to being super busy again and letting the words flow, the Muse do her thing, and just sitting down to the typey-thinky hard work. I am thankful to have gotten a lot of love for “Among The Ruins,” my poem that was featured in July’s issue of Asimov’s, and I’m currently working on a sci-fi novella, two new speculative poems, a creepy piece of YA short fiction, and a new long-form fiction project.

I hope you are all well and thriving, and don’t forget to tune in next week when I interview local author Sara Kincaid of Writer Vs. The World for my first ever installment of Creative KC. Take care, ya’ll! <3


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