sundial-1388070_640There is little more magical to me than a map. Star-charts, roadmaps, tidal charts, ancient maps scribed on wood or vellum or GPS maps in real time are all wondrous things. I’ve given some thought to why this may be and it’s simple: maps are possibility, adventure and both the known and unknown in the world and universe around me. Seeing that oceans’ depths have been charted by another of my species, or that a smattering of the countless stars in our universe have names in human languages gives me a thrill and reminds me of humanity’s drive to understand the world, to see where we have been, and to project where we may be going.

Maps are on my mind lately because I’m working as a cartographer in my own realms. I’m in the process of imagining the lay of the land. Mountains, coastlines, deserts and savannahs, lush forests, swamps and meadowlands–how would these influence the economies, militaries, and everyday civilian lives of the peoples who inhabit them? It’s a fascinating process, and I feel my worldbuilding can’t help but be richer because of these things.  I have even given thought to the stars and constellations, to the rivers and lakes and seas. So much possibility…so much adventure!

Now I must go listen to the really rad song that’s stuck in my head–Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Happy reading, having living, and I hope you have a wonderful week! <3


    1. That’s awesome! Yeah, I’ve totally had to do that (Jax’s compound, for instance) so I’d know for, yes, consistency and clarity! Thank you, and hope you have a great weekend! ^_^

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  1. I always loved books that have not only a very wells described world and usually also have a map illustration at the end or at the beginning of the book. They really add to the description, making it more defined.


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