My Thanks to SFR and Galaxy Express

Hello, all! Happy February! Things have been so busy lately, but it is lovely to take a break in it all to peek in with with good news. I am honored that my story Luminous from The Book Smugglers was included in their wonderfully quirky, so-much-fun SFR Galaxy Awards roster. Each piece they choose receives its own customized reward. My RL friend Cassandra Chandler’s delightful novella Gray Card garnered the “Funniest Nerdgirl Love Affair” award. Fantastic! I’m proud that Luminous was recognized with the delicious, tears of my readers title “Biggest Tearjerker Per Page.” YESSSSSSSS. I mean, thank you so very much to Lee Koven and SFR and the Galaxy Express for this love for Luminous, and for creating such a unique and fun series of awards. All of you who enjoy some good sci-fi romance should head on over to the blog and check out these titles–the fate of the universe may well depend on it. :D



4 thoughts on “My Thanks to SFR and Galaxy Express

    • Aww thank you, Bryn! *hugs* I sadly don’t really know 11 other bloggers. >.> But thank you so much anyway! And I hope your week is lovely and magical too…big hugs!

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