Happy Holidays <3

It’s the busiest time of year for me and for many others I know. Travel, finishing end-of-year projects, scrabbling to meet deadlines, managing social engagements, and so many other wonderful if busy-making things. That said, I approach this year’s end with a grateful heart. I have been blessed with remarkable opportunities for my writing and more than anything, with beautiful, talented, smart, funny and amazing people surrounding me both in person too far away for me to hug in the here/now. I mean, this is an embarrassment of riches! ^_^

And the gifts keep on coming. I was so excited to see that Kaetrin from Dear Author included my story Luminous in her year’s top picks. What an honor! I’ve gotten so much love for this piece and I am humbled and grateful. And there are more exciting projects coming down the line! I seriously am excited for 2016–there will be SO MUCH more to celebrate! /faints from glee

For those of you celebrating holidays, may they bring you light, love, and peace. For those not celebrating–may those things be yours also because there can never be too much light and love and peace in the world. <3


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