*cue elevator music*

So, it’s been a quiet couple of months. At least, on my intarwebs sites/accounts (real life is a vortex of weird and busy, honestly). I have been working on some big projects and hope to have news in the coming months. In the meantime, I’ve had some things land:

  • Asimov’s bought one of my favorite of my poems and I could not be more stoked. Info about release date/etc to come!
  • I updated my website to give this blog a backseat to other content, and to streamline. WOO!
  • I published a book of creepywack poems with the wonderful Pine Float Press. Almost Night is unsettling and a steal so yeah, ch-ch-check it.
  • I was successfully able to raise an undead army to do my nefarious bidding. Just kidding–but I did create a whole bunch of new blog content, short fiction, and other goodies that I hope to foist on you all in the coming days.

That’s about all, cats and kittens…happy Halloweek, stay spoopy and creppy and be excellent to each other.


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