Slow Boat to Fast City Is My Jam

What is better than a good anthology? Hmm. Lemme think…oh yeah, a good anthology with a freaking fantastic OST! Slow Boat to Fast City  from Pine Float Press features works by Sean Demory, Marshall Edwards, Orrin Grey, Steven Saunders and my own story, War Paint. It was rad to start with. And now, it has a dedicated, specially crafted soundtrack by Mr. Zoth and the Werespiders–music hinting of Barsoomists, horrors masked in the ever-present red dust, and the pitched war between them. Mr. Zoth and the Werespiders have pressed some chill-strange, catchy and atmospheric tracks for Pine Float’s ray-gun pulp, Mars-themed anthology. It’s available to pay as you please on Bandcamp. Sean Demory, Pine Float’s Overlord (I mean editor) has this to say:

It’s musically fascinating, layering propulsive, tough-guy Naked City jazz riffs with insistent, anachronistic subsonics and stutter-stop percussion. It’s not comfortable music, but that’s as it should be. It’s insistent, it’s relentless and it’s at odds with itself. It’s music that’s being invaded by aliens.

And Demory’s right. Saunders’ tracks get under the skin and sift into the cracks like that never-ending Mars red dust. Go check it out–you won’t regret it. Better yet, let these tracks play while you read the anthology itself…it’s a fantastic experience. Go, listen. Read. Do it.

You know you wanna…

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