Prairie City Response: Interview With Marshall Edwards

This Middle Of West I call home can be a wonderful place–home of my Little Lair On The Prairie, if you will. One of the best parts about living here? The other amazing writers , artists, and just all-around fascinating folks I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by. Today, I interviewed one such Person of Note—Marshall Edwards, who I met after we both had pieces included in Pine Float Press’s Slow Boat to Fast City anthology. Right now, at this VERY PRECISE MOMENT, Marshall has some exciting things going on—namely, the super-awesome Kickstarter campaign for volume two of Prairie City Response, a comic I need NOW.

pcrPrairie City Response, volume 1 was a fast-paced, tightly-written and beautifully illustrated read. The dialogue is real and pacy, and artists Marquez and Mohler bring on the shine in a big way. I feel like I’ve gotten a mere glimpse of what’s really going on in this powered-folks occupied, dangerous new Midwest–and I want more. The world-building is easeful and natural, the characters hooked me from the get-go (character-driven is the only way to go) and already in this first volume, there are some Big Ideas about the high price of power. Which is why Kickstarting the second needs to be a thing, and soon. In light of his current crowd-funding efforts and my legit excitement for the second volume, I asked the author about why people out there should donate, and what he’s doing that maybe other comics/graphic novels might not be.

Marshall had this to say:

I want people to know that Prairie City Response is a character-driven story with dynamic action and a very modern twist.  Like other celebrities, they live in a glass house – everything they do is analyzed by the public and torn apart by their enemies.  There’s of course a lot of punching people in the face and fights high above the city, but I can’t help thinking there’d be a lot of image-managing if heroes were in our reality.

So – you get three powerful, greenhorn heroes, put them in a kettle, turn up the heat and tell world to turn in.  The result should be drama, action, and more than a little comedy.

When I first started the series, I had a lot of concerns about private armies and police forces, and about the degrading treatment of global migrants.  You can see this in the alien refugees in the city and their harassment by the Sweetwater people.

Awesome. Now, I can has moar?

Which brought me to my next question for Marshall…soooooo…where are you going with this project in the long-run? To which he replied,

The plan is to finish up this introductory story arc – four issues – and then try to get a publishing company on board.  In those four issues, I want keep raising the pressure on the heroes, keep introducing problems from the heroes’ past.  And at least once in that arc, tensions between the alien refugees and the human population will boil over, and the team will have to take a stand regarding the conflict.  This will be a deciding moment in the direction of the series, and I’m not gonna say anymore than that :P After the first arc is complete, I want to get PCR to a publisher with my fan-base and story-telling nouse as leverage.

If I’ve not yet hooked you, wander on over to Amazon for volume one and see for yourself why this is a project worth backing. Seriously–I know the coolest people. Speaking of, follow Marshall over on Twitter at @PrairieCityPost. You won’t regret it.

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