A few of my favorite things and stuff.

Once upon a time, stuff and things.

Stuff keeps me busy. Also things. Several new projects are exploding over the horizon in a glorious nova of glory. And things. When the dust settles, I’ll post an update on my findings. In the meantime, 3 random pics of things I love, courtesy of me purging my micro-SD card.

1. MS Paint, and unicorns. Together–Painticorns? I made this thing many moons ago but I still giggle when I see it because in my heart of hearts, I’m 12 years old. LOOK AT THAT UNICORN SIDE-EYE, YA’LL. THIS CREATURE KNOWS THINGS…

the fart is made of glitter and hope

2. Pink, and stuff with pretty bows. Recently, someone that I occasionally interact with said ‘you never wear color why don’t you like color harrumph, yada yada.’  Oh, but I do. I love color. ON MY ACCESSORIES. Little coin purses, bags, computer/tablet cases, nail polish, scarves…bring it on. And all of the bows. And hearts. BECAUSE I LIKE THEM. <3<3!!!!1


Kancho choco treats are the best–and hot pink, and baby pink, and little foxykinses on my grocery tote, and shiny nails and CS Friedman!

3. Decorating my workspace with ALL OF THE KITTYCATS. And Star Wars. But mostly kitties.


Look at their wittle faces awmygawd so kawaiiiiiiiiiiiii!

So, that was a completely unimportant way to fill space and generate blog content with extra bonus kittens. What are you people up to? I hope it’s nothing nefarious…just kidding. Of course I hope it’s nefarious. Happy February, and have fun out there!


    1. YEEEE! I concur! A present from my mother in law…or at least, the money to buy it! That BOW, though… :D I hope you’re doing well! <3


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