I’m part of a FTW Kickstarted project! Looky!

Slow Boat To Fast City…an evocative turn of phrase, yes? Add Raygun Gothic pulp sci-fi to that awesomeness and you get this:

Slow Boat to Fast City is a set of stories about a past that never was. It’s set in a world where the failed 1939 invasion of Earth by Mars was held off by a mobster with a head cold and where World War II ended with the capture of Adolf Hitler in his bunker on the Olympus Mons. It’s about people living in a frontier that’s one part Bugsy Siegel’s Las Vegas, one part Buck Rogers and one part Clanton and Earp-era Tombstone. It’s about layers of history grinding against each other until reality splinters and the tough men and women who have to make tough choices to deal with the wreckage… or to benefit from the aftershocks.


I’m excited to announce that I’ll be a part of this shiny new anthology from Pine Float Press. The project is the brain-child of the super-rad and not at all menacing Sean Demory, whose work has been making me turn on the lights and want to paint my porches haint-blue since we first exchanged words. Trufax: This is a remarkable project, and I’m giddy to be a part of it. And I’m just one little part–Sean’s rounded up a posse of contributors that will bring this high concept to uncanny, under-your-skin-awesome life.

The Kickstarter exists to wrangle a professional editor and super-sleek cover art. Sean will post updates as they occur, and will detail backers on all steps of this process. We’re already $135 towards our $400 goal…a pretty auspicious start.

So yeah, clicky-click, ch-ch-check it, donate, then get ready to have your socks knocked off (but only if your feet aren’t too cold) when you get to hold that gorgeous pocket-book in your hand and be transported to another time, another world, another damn good read!

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