I promise, I’ve checked the math…and happy holidays!

Happy Holidays!

This week, I am so excited to announce that my poem Letters to S. from Poet-Build Beta 3 is out on the Strange Horizons site, as well as the poetry podcast in which I read it, aloud, MYSELF, for allllllllll the world to hear. If you haven’t already, stop by, read, and listen! I love what one commenter, some luminous being named Gretchen, has to say about the piece in the comments on the Strange Horizons site…

Strange, beautiful, and haunting. I love the procession of well-explained and well-footnoted poetry lines into sense-drunk dementia. Rather than the usual assertion that machines and/or code are not capable of the glory of human emotions, the author describes an automaton literally overwhelmed by the beauty it is trying to express. I feel like I would read a Beowulf-length epic poem of this story.

I am over the moon, and so very humbled. Here’s to the joy of having my work out there in the world, bleeping and pinging its presence to your minds and the great beyond.

I hope you all have a most blessed and gentle and lovely holiday season. Each and every one of you is a light to the world so never forget to let your starstuff show! <3

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