December Sorta Wrap-Up

So. It’s been a busy month.

My rad speculative fiction story, Primitive Tools, is now on Luna Station Quarterly’s website and I’ve thoroughly loved the fact that it found such a good home! I’ve also foisted two more blog posts upon the world from LSQ’s page. The first, You Are Not Alone, wherein I discuss how books were and still are some of my bff’s, and the second, This Is Our Time, a brief discourse about slowing the hell down during the holiday season.

In upcoming writing news, My poem Letters To S. From Poet Build Beta-3 will release from Strange Horizons on December 22nd, and I will have a piece released from Apex Magazine in the coming months.



In gaming news, I played through Journey (originally PS3), a transcendent and luminous three hours which I would recommend to anyone who wants to experience an unusual and stunning wordless narrative first-hand.

In the meantime, there will be holidaying in its sundry forms, writing and editing and more writing, and also, some writing. By mid-2015 I will need some serious traction with current projects and what better time to dig in and get to work than the icky months of winter?

What are you peeps out there doing to stay busy? :)

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