Geeky Craft Idea

So my friend, who is one hoopy frood, had a birthday this weekend. I wanted to make him something personalized as a present and with the holidays coming up, it seemed prudent to share this with the world.

This particular gift went to a big Douglas Adams fan. I figured, who doesn’t need the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything? I found a cheapo little cross-stitch kit at a local craft store, penciled in the number 42, and stitched as neatly as I could. The kit came with its own hoop-frame, and I simply attached a gift tag with ribbon and came out with this (forgive the kind of too-dim phone pic):

I got to thinking (always a dangerous thing)…a person could also do Star Wars sigils (Rebel Alliance, Empire, or Mandalorian), Star Trek ones like the Star Fleet insignia or the Klingon Empire sigil, the Aperture Science logo from Portal/Portal 2, World of Warcraft Horde and Alliance sigils…there are so many nerdy possibilities! And of course, a Mass Effect one that says simply “I should go.” Or, N7. Not to mention the Whovian, Sherlockian, and millions of other fandoms out there which could be represented with a simple, quick phrase or image…
Are ya’ll making any hand-crafted stuff for the holidays?

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