Extra, Extra: Projects Update

WHEW! Things have been crazy busy these last two months.

Accurate Representation Of October-November

I have some exciting updates on the writing front.

First, my speculative short, “Primitive Tools,” is available today in issue 20 of Luna Station Quarterly! You can read it for free online via the website. http://lunastationquarterly.com/issue/issue-020/ You can also purchase single issues, donate to LSQ via Patreon, or buy all 20 issues of LSQ’s amazing stories for their Cyber Monday sale. Stop by, read, show the love for women speculative fiction authors!

Next up, I have a release date for my poem “Letters To S. From Poet-Build Beta-3,” coming from Strange Horizons. Watch for my piece to appear in the December 22nd issue along with yours truly reading the work mostly not Porky-Piggily on their podast!

Finally, I have had yet another poetry acceptance, this time from the amazing Apex magazine! WOOOO! I’ll let ya’ll know when I have a publication date for this piece.

In the meantime, I have three other spec-shorts shopped out, more poetry in the works, and a series of novels just begging to be written.


So yeah, lots going on. NaNo was a success in that I have over 13K of new stuff written (no, I did not make it to 50K but that’s fine), three pieces thoroughly edited, and couple of new blogs of LSQ in the works. Here’s hoping all is well with you lovely people…happy reading, happy writing, happy happy joy joy!

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