A few quick updates!

Good morning, cats and kittens! I have a few quick updates on this crisp November morning. <3

First, just a little reminder to get out there and VOTE! It’s important, and it’s today.

Next up on the docket, I’m so excited to announce that my poem “Letters to S. From Poet-Build Beta-3” will be available on the Strange Horizons website on December 22 for all the world to read. I am humble, honored, and vibrating with excitement. AWWWWWWW YISSSSSSSSS.

I’m superdupercrazywack happy to note that my first blog with Luna Station Quarterly, an amazing speculative fiction outlet, went live last Thursday. You can read it here:

And while you are there, check out all of the amazing stories and blog posts, buy some issues, or donate on Patreon to support the very necessary work they do there!

Finally, good luck to all you NaNo-ers out there…keep the words flowing like chocolate fountains, don’t edit till later, and have metric-tons of fun in the process!

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