Meh: Rejection On The Go, And Work-Life Balance.

I’m on vacation (w00t!).

Vacation is a glorious thing. I’m with one of the people I adore most in the world in an exciting city having a grand time and holy guacamole, it’s rad.

I woke this morning and yet another rejection was waiting in my email. It’s ok, I said to myself. You knew this one was coming.

*shuffles off to get more coffee*

What happened while my friend was in the other room readying some UH-MAZING east coasterly garlic and onion bagels with scallion cream cheese for our brekkies was most unfortunate. I decided I would engage in a little morbid self-torture. Read: WALLOWING.

I talk about this all the time–rejection is a huge part of the writing-to-publish endeavor. It’s business. And generally, it’s nothing personal. A story or a poem is simply not to the taste of the editor reading it or just doesn’t fit the aesthetic of the journal. Maybe the piece needed more work. All of this is part of the process.

Where am I going with this post? *mutters something about work-life balance being true for writers, too*

OH, right. VACATION.

So I looked again at the email then shut my laptop lid and stood there for a minute. What happened next is important…I shrugged and said, “Meh.”

Meh as in, it’s not a big deal. Meh meaning, I’ll edit the piece again and send it back out into the world when I get home. Meh assuring myself that, yeah, this is very much the business of writing, but at that moment I had more important, more breakfasty things to do. I forgot about it, mostly, and I went about the day and had metric ass-tons of fun.

(And I promise you, those bagels were a thing of glorious, garlicky, savory beauty.)

My take-away from this? Do the work–know sites’ submission guidelines, know what they are publishing. Do the planning, do your research, do yet even more of the work, but do NOT let rejections creep in on the process of living, of having ftw days with the important people in your life, of eventually getting more writing and editing done.

It’s just part of the job.

Happy Sunday, all…and keep racking up those rejections–it means you are in the game!

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