I’ve been foisting my work upon the editors of this world all year. Subs, subs, subs. I like that. Get a thing rejected? Shine it up, slap on some new paint, send it back out. And again. Second (and third and fourth) verse, same as the first.

Now, I’m seeing results.

Got an acceptance from the amazing Strange Horizons yesterday for a poem I’m kind of digging on…nice to know it will be finding its home in a place of pure, speculative poetry and fiction WIN.

No, I’m not rocketing into the stratosphere from sheer excitement. Not at all.



So yeah. I’m going to keep working just like I have been all year. New short fiction, a couple of novels in the wings waiting to be actualized–it’s easier to do with this shot-in-the-arm of acceptance win. But in the end, it’s just still the everydamnday hard work of writing. And I’m cool with that.

I’ll post more on publication dates and such when I have more info–till then, woooo frickin hooooo!

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