Almost Every action/apocalypse/invasion movie will have That One Awesome Scene. The one where time slows and explosions fill the screen in Michael Bay levels of impossible physics-defying profusion, where The Badass wielding twin railguns or laser rifles or grenades and a chainsaw or magical six-shooters or mini turrets mounted on mech armor stalks through a glorious blood-sprayed frenzy of carnage and desperate last-standyness. The soundtrack blasts. Adrenaline spikes. IT’S SO AWESOME.

Now, I’ve given this some thought. In the Hero-Movie of my own imagination–you know this exists–when I come onscreen, the *perfect* music has to play. Logical Badass-Choices are old standbys like Enter Sandman or Let The Bodies Hit the Floor or hell, even Rush’s Tom Sawyer because prog-synth badassery can be cool…or some industrial-metal-woobwoob subwoofer-shredder. I could also go the incongruously, stunningly-beautiful-western-art-music route, like the choice of using Barber’s Adagio For Strings in Platoon. Pretty damn effective. I personally shortlisted a few of my own. Turns out that Crazy by Patsy Cline (it’s not subtext when it’s text) came in at a close second. But the clear winner is Royksopp’s Eple.

Nothing says I WILL END YOU OH SO HAPPILY AND FROLIC THROUGH YOUR CHARRED REMAINS LIKE MARIA VON TRAPP ON THAT MOUNTAINTOP like fizzy-effervescent, quirky Scandinavian pop. Maniacal glee? CHECK. Murderous joy and a sense of existential dread that has given way to blind chaos? SIGN ME UP! So, guys, what’s your Badass Entrance music?

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