For it is Tuesday, and I shall blog: Musings On Poetry.

Holy guacamole, I’ve not posted here in a while. Or much at all, really. I’ve been too busy being busy, being ill, being sick of being ill, being busy with being sick. And generally not writing. In the midst of all this, I started (either from desperation or sick curiosity, I know not which) digging through sheafs of old poetry and even new work I’d penned in passing and didn’t think much of.

I considered. I went to grad school for this crap. The most spectacularly useless degree ever, but…maybe I can get something out of it? Because, you know, matter is never lost and all that. Or student loan money. (Wait, that cannot be right. It’s always lost. WITH INTEREST.) So I did some research on the days I was just too sick to write and found that, in this Exciting World Of Tomorrow, there is an actual–a REAL–market for sci-fi, slipstream, fantastic, speculative poetry.


I was floored. The market has changed drastically since I was last out there submitting. Presses I’ve targeted for fiction–the ever illustrious Strange Horizons or lovely pubs like Ideomancer are actively seeking the same kind of work that at times got me laughed out of my Iowa workshop critique sessions. These places want poetry, yes, but they are looking for work that explores the same themes and otherworlds and possibilities and probabilities that my spec fic gets its little claws dirty with. My poetry was always lousy with science and speculation anyway, with magic missiles and post-apocalyptic nuclear sunsets and even some necromancy.

(It didn’t always go over well.)

Since I couldn’t advance my fiction WIP’s these last weeks (several shorts, a novel), I dusted off the poetry. I edited, I re-shaped. I terraformed. And I subb’ed. I sent a small batch of my more conservative stuff out to FIVE Magazine and was kind of gobsmacked when I got the acceptance letter from their awesome editor, Hannah Peet. As a result, this month’s issue of FIVE includes, well, five of my poems amongst its other lovely offerings. It’s on their site, on Amazon and Nook…buy it, folks! NO REALLY. I MEAN IT. GO BUY IT. *ahem*

Now, I have several other poems submitted out and about, a few more in the forge. I’m honing at least two pieces of short fiction to sub for special calls, and That Space Novel is up next on my Line-Items For WORLD DOMINATION List. I have poetry to thank for this–for waking up my brain, for making me remember my gnarled and twisted roots.

Me to poems: Hey, thanks.

More news to come as I have it. In the meantime, I’ll try not to spend all my time derping or gaming (damn you, Steam summer sale) and will get back to the business of wordsmithing with a vengeance that will be beautiful (and terrible) to behold.

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