Hey, why not quote Kosh in a first post? Though I can think of one reason…sets up some rather unrealistic and epic expectations about scope. Eff that. I’m fine with unrealistic. It’s kind of what I do. In fact, I’ve built a sprawling Unreal Empire as my life, nerding harder than I ever did. And that’s saying something. I’m not alone here, either. We are Legion. The world is a good place to geek out these days.

So, that being said, I cannot promise epic. But I can promise words. Words about this desire to live other lives in an endless stretch of other worlds. I’m not escaping reality, not really–I’m augmenting it, modding something that is already pretty remarkable. Just as science and faith can join hands and play patty-cake in my weirdo brain, the supposed objective reality of my daily travails exists quite nicely with the imagined, the vaguely probable, the horrific or fantastical or fantastically, magically badass. Mostly the badass.

Enough blah-blah. I live, I dream, I game, I watch, I fangirl, I write and I love this state of being. Watch this space for announcements that may be a while in coming but in the meantime, be excellent to each other (it’s actually pretty sound advice).

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